Al-Jeel Al-Thalith Contracting Company Limited is an ISO 45001:2018 certified company which believes that NO JOB OR NO TASK IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN WORKER HEALTH AND SAFETY. If a job represents a potential safety or health threat, every effort will be made to plan a safe way to do the task. Every procedure must be a safe procedure. Shortcuts in safe procedures by either foremen or workers will not be tolerated.

If a worker observes any unprotected job, which may pose a potential threat to their health or safety, he or she must inform management and management must take adequate precautions.

Our futures are only built through our people. We aim to protect them. No Job or no task is more important than workers’ health and safety.

The Company’s Management is responsible for ensuring that there is effective governance of health and safety matters through the provision of approved and appropriate organizational arrangements and policies that are effectively implemented in practice. This is exercised directly by the management itself in certain ways e.g., through the annual report, but also through the Employees Committee (EC) which has a specific remit in this respect. An employee member of the Board also attends the regular meetings of the Project Managers (PMS) when quarterly health and safety reports are considered, so as to informally observe that appropriate matters are being reported on, discussed and considered and, where appropriate, acted on.

The PMS are collectively responsible for considering recommendations, from professional advisers and others, for how the governance and management arrangements are effectively implemented and made operational and for giving/gaining approval to changes from time to time. Arrangements for overall health and safety management, policy development and auditing largely fall within the remit of the Executive Director – Human Resources.

All heads of organizational operating units are personally responsible for implementation of approved health and safety policies and procedures within their areas of responsibility and for safe working practices. They have the support and professional advice of health and safety and professionals, and access to specialist internal and external advice where this is needed. Depending on particular. Health and safety coordinators also operate to support implementation within the company.


General Contracting

In 2005, the third generation company started its work in the field of construction and construction. The project of establishing the municipality building of the Upper Village of the Eastern Region Municipality was an encouraging start to successive successes in the field of construction and construction.In 2007, the company...

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Electrical Works

Since the establishment of the third generation company in 1996 and is engaged in the implementation of projects of electricity and ground distribution networks of the Saudi Electricity Company (SKICO). The company is still executing electricity works with the Saudi Electricity Company (SECCO) in the northern border region...

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solar power

In line with the plan of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 for the solar energy sector, and based on the strategy of the company and its awareness of the importance of this field, the solar energy department was established with the aim of setting up small solar plants up to 2 MW by the Saudi Electricity Company...

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Al-Jeel Al-Thalith Contracting Company Ltd & Electricity Metering Establishment For Contracting are 100% Saudi collective company established in the year 1996 and is located in Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia. Both Companies are well represented in the Kingdom and has participated in some of the SEC and Saudi ARAMCO construction and services projects as well as other agencies We are proud to say that... Read More

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